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Design Innovation & Foresight Workshop

Does your organization seek for a new innovation engine?

If you are looking for a practical toolset that guide you
how to see growth and promising opportunities,
this hands-on workshop is for you!

In two-day “Design Innovation & Foresight” workshop during October 15-16, 2019, you will practice the strategic foresight that can help you work with your team to identify the emerging trends impacting your business, and also prepare and plan for the preferred future.
Why Foresight?
  • To systematically think of what is changing and different kinds of emerging possibilities and perspectives.
  • To ensure that your organization make informed decision based on the feasible scenarios.
  • To provide your organization with an insightful distance, to decide and plan for the preferred future in the low-cost way.
"Foresight innovation provides organizations with the mindset and tools needed to create sustainable growth."

Workshop leaders flying from Palo Alto, USA

Tamara Carleton, Ph.D.
CEO and founder, Innovation Leadership Group (ILG)
Instructor, Stanford University’s Continuing Studies program


Tamara has helped international organizations to create vision-led, radical innovations. She also works closely with the Foresight and Innovation program at Stanford University, where she explores how the world’s most innovative companies create technology visions and take action.

(Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering, Stanford University) 


Andrew Milne, Ph.D
CEO / Principal, Kirkpoint 


Andrew is an experienced entrepreneurial executive whose career has centered on the application of research-based technology innovations in commercial applications. Andrew is a recognized thought leader in the area of digitalization of customer experiences and business operations.

(Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering, Stanford University (Center for Design Research)


Who should attend?
  • Middle to top management of all disciplines
  • Owner / C-Level of MEs or leading Startups
  • Professionals and Talent in R&D, Technology and Innovation, Marketing, New Business Development, etc.

whose responsibilities might involve leading company’s direction; strategies; business development; and inspiring cross-collaboration teams towards new ideas and sustainable processes for innovation.